Serve Day Atchison Report

Serve Day 2016 saw 175 missionaries from fifteen different Flint Hills churches swarm Atchison. As Saturday, June 25th ended many people across Atchison, Kansas were asking, “Who were those guys?” Individuals, families and community helping agencies were acutely aware that “Jesus Followers” cared for them. The Boys and Girls Club in Atchison and the Atchison Childcare Center now have renovated playgrounds. Family homes and yards were refreshed, cleaned and painted.

2016 06 Atchison SD3To be able to come alongside a sister church (Celebration Church of Atchison) and help build a reputation of love, in a hands-on way is a most satisfying experience. We are grateful to Nate Wood for the enormous amount of time, energy and miles he put in to the one-day mission trip. His quick wit and organizational skills made for a great experience for many who had never had the opportunity to be part of any kind of mission trip. Thank you Nate.

2016 06 Atchison SD4Pastor Scott Murphy and the entire Celebration Church were great host for the humongous mission team. Strategically planning the families and locations for ministry required someone who knows and loves their city. We continue to pray for Scott, Melissa and the Celebration Church as they live the life of Christ in Atchison.

Way to go, Flint Hills Association!
Richard Taylor

PS: If you’d like a video to brag about our service (or maybe inspire your crew for next year!!) then check out these two videos. For flexibility we’re offering two formats ….

… a shorter (2 1/2 minute long) piece

… and the second at about 6 minutes

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