Serve Day – Sign up NOW!

Our next Serve Day event will be in Topeka on June 24, 2017 ’cause we’d love to work by your side.

Serve Day is a One-Day opportunity for the churches in our Association to get together and shower a community with visible signs of God’s love.  This summer we’ll be offering a cross-cultural experience and the opportunity to bless those served by True Light Baptist and Biblico Centro el Camino in East Topeka — 2046 SE California Street.  (Please park in the large lot at the housing building just north of the church itself.)

Check it out!

We’ll be working from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM and your $15 fee to cover your on-site lunch.  (Registration is not required – just come on out and we’ll put you to work!)

This  is a way to spread the love of Jesus using your hands, heart and feet all at the same time.

If you want to spread the word about this event in your church or small groups feel free to use this video that highlights one of our last events:  

3 thoughts on “Serve Day – Sign up NOW!

  1. Roberta Brown Reply

    In looking things over it appears to me that there is no information about where people are supposed to meet at. And your Button link isn’t working. This is making it a little difficult for me to advertise this in our Sunday bulletin.

  2. Doug Ebert Post authorReply

    WebGuy here,
    thanks for pointing this out for us Roberta. We’ll meet at 2046 SE California St and I’ve added that info to the Post for others. Also the “button” application we were using backslid so we’ve replaced it with a form to allow additional registrations.

  3. Tony Stewart Reply

    In case we are assigned to yard work or repair/construction, should we be bringing tools and/or materials? And, do we know to what we are assigned?

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