Flint Hills Spring Meeting 2013

First Southern Baptist Church, Lawrence, was the site for the Flint Hills Baptist Association Spring Forum.  The forum hosted by the Directors of campus ministries  from  the University of Kansas, Haskell Indian Nations University, Washburn University, and Emporia State University.

The meeting opened with worship music led by the worship team from Haskell.   Campus ministers spoke of the importance of campus ministries in the lives of students.  That message was reinforced by the testimonies from students from each campus. Students sharing how they came to know Christ through Christian Challenge and others who were believers when they arrived on campus shared how the ministry helped them grow in their faith.    A young lady from China attended Emporia State and she is prayerfully considering where God would have her serve in China.   A young man responded to God’s call and serves as leader in his Christian Challenge group discipling other young men.  Another young woman from Haskell has gained confidence in her faith and reaching others in her culture.  She now mentors and disciples other young women. 

The campus ministers shared the importance of the local church to campus ministry.   Support is needed through prayer, encouragement and connecting with students   Rick Clock shared another very important role of the church.  It is connecting graduating high school seniors with the ministry on the campus where the student will be enrolling.    When a student arrives on campus, “it is a critical time.”  “ They find themselves with a new independence and  they are confronted with differing world views, religions and lifestyles. The church needs to be there with servant leaders who teach about the value of the teachers scriptures.”

The Forum ended with a special recognition.   Rick Clock was honored for33 years of service on the campus of the University of Kansas.  He has touched many lives with the gospel of Christ. The churches and individuals that make up  Flint Hills Baptist Association are  very grateful to Rick for his  ministry and service.

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