Acts 1:8 Serve Day Blesses Lyndon

On June 28, 150 volunteers from 17 Flint Hills churches arrived in Lyndon ready to serve.  They brought tools, lawn mowers and anything they might need to serve. They came ready pray, ready to work but most of all ready to love the people of Lyndon with the love of Jesus.   Residents of Lyndon were amazed that a group of people would give a Saturday to come to their community not just to work – but to serve well and in love.  One response was that the volunteers came and “did what they said they would and did it very well!”  But more than that they touched and impacted lives with the gospel though the simple act of serving.    Jonathan Moore is the Pastor of First Baptist Church Lyndon spoke of how encouraging it was for him and the church.   There is a “renewed since of excitement. When the gospel is brought into a community like that – it changes things. “

Click on this link to see what we were about:  Acts 1:8 Serve Day Video

 The purpose of Acts:1:8:  to saturate the community of Lyndon with the love of Christ.

Thank You to all to the volunteers who supported  Acts 1:8  and truly fulfilled the purpose.

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