Chuck Berry called as new Director for Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief in Flint Hills Baptist Association has new leadership.  Chuck Berry will be serving as Director for Disaster Relief for our association.    He shares that he has “always been moved by people who have been affected by disasters and events and it is heartwarming to see they are so thankful for people who are able to help.  I now have an opportunity to become involved in Disaster Relief and am excited to participate and learn as much as I can to promote Disaster Relief in my church, the Flint Hills Association, KNCSB, and the Southern Baptist Convention. As Disaster Relief Coordinator for the Flint Hills Association I hope that together we can build an organization of volunteers trained, equipped, and ready to deploy anywhere in Kansas/Nebraska or the United States when disaster strikes and people need a helping hand.  I would like to see an organization that is prepared to share Jesus whenever the opportunity arises and to show Jesus by the example they set as they help and serve others”

Berry is 62 years old and married to a “wonderful lady” whose name is Phyllis.  They have lived in Topeka for about 8 years and attend First Southern Baptist Church.  He is the administrator / treasurer at First Southern Baptist Church in Topeka and Phyllis is a professor at Washburn University.  They have one son, Brian who is married to Angela and three grandchildren: Skyler, age 11, Makenna, age 9 and Brooklyn, age 5.  They live in Englewood, CO, a suburb of Denver. Berry became a Christian at age ten and was raised in a Christian home.  He has always been involved in church and has served as a music director, Sunday School teacher, deacon, youth director and has participated in many mission trips over the years.  

Berry shares his vision for Disaster Relief in Flint Hills Association: “For 2013, I see a new beginning.  Just as Flint Hills is a new beginning from the former Kaw Valley and Bluestem Associations, I see a new beginning for Disaster Relief in our association.  I have three main goals for 2013:  Organization, Volunteers, and Training.


We need an organizational structure that is a coordinated, efficient, and productive part of KNCSB Disaster Relief, the parent organization.  This organization, which we will call “FHDR” (Flint Hills Disaster Relief), will need financial resources, communication and networking infrastructure, and vibrant “grass roots” support from the 55 churches that make up the Flint Hills Association.


No successful organization can exist without dedicated and actively involved people.  The number one basic need for any disaster is trained people who are willing and able to respond with little or no notification.  It is sometimes very difficult, depending on the time of year and other circumstances, to find volunteers on short notice so the larger the pool of trained volunteers, the easier it will be to address the need.


Training needs are a high priority. There is a current need for more KNCSB trainers that can help with disaster training. As more trainers are enlisted over time, issues such as facilities, logistics, etc. will no doubt become addressed.   For 2013 we plan to have multiple training events in geographically diverse areas in the association so all the volunteers we expect to  enlist up will have several opportunities to receive training  in these disaster relief ministries: field kitchen, chain saw, rebuild, mud out, assessment, chaplaincy, etc.”

“I hope and pray that 2013 will be a banner year for Flint Hills and our efforts to build a Disaster Relief organization that will be ready to go and spread the gospel by helping and serving others!”


If you would like more information on Disaster Relief ministries, contact Chuck Berry at

C-  785-207-0106

W- 785-272-0443

or [email protected] .


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