Finding God on the Internet

Isn’t this Internet-thingy great! I think most of us have stumbled upon (of have been introduced to) websites that we’ve come to appreciate based on the information, guidance, background material and more we get from them.  But rather than getting someone to write an article, let’s make this more of a participation thing. Each of you are invited to share one of your favorites with us.

It’s my hope that this thread may seem to be more like a talk around the table (with a cup of coffee at hand for each participant, of course).  We’ll keep the rules really simple:  Each person responding should introduce one (and only one, please) online resource you think we should all add to our Favorites folder and include some words about why you like it.

For example:  my recommended entry would be the weekly Table PodCast produced by the Dallas Theological Seminary.  In an appropriately-“Coffee Talk” format they discuss topics related to Christianity and culture from a Bible-based perspective.  As such, they’re a great start for keeping up with emerging issues – useful for self-study as well as sermon preparation.  An initiative started in late 2012, previous PodCasts are still available for viewing and cover wide-ranging issues such as:  “How to Function as a Christian in a Shifting Culture,” “Supreme Court Rulings,” “Controversial Same-Sex Texts in the Bible,” and “Strategic Planning in the Church,” to name a few.  Get ’em by following the link:

So now, it’s your turn.  Share one of your faves, then plan on coming back to check out what other people have to suggest for you.  In other words, TAG – you’re it!

Doug Ebert
Rock Hill Church

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