Flint Hills Churches Praying Together

Sunday afternoon close to one hundred Christ-followers from Flint Hills Southern Baptist Churches converged on Wamego, Kansas. Pastor Rick Hernandez and the New Life Baptist Church hosted a prayer gathering that focused the power of prayer on ministries serving people in Ottawa and Pomona, Jefferson County, Haskell Indian Nations University and Topeka.

Interspersed with with worshipful music led by Nate Hernandez and the New Life worship team, Moderator, Gary Roten guided a packed house of believers in a unique time of prayer.

Kim Wilcox of the North Baptist Church in Ottawa described how God moved himself and the entire congregation in Ottawa to begin serving the small community of Pomona. With only one church in the town and little business, Pomona is considered a “bedroom” community where residents travel to other cities to work. Pastor Kim is convinced that God had led the North Baptist Church to establish a light; a lighthouse for Christ in Pomona. The confirmation came to Kim and the church when Casey’s General Store offered to sell their Pomona building to the church for $1.00.

The building is now in the process of being refitted as a multi-use facility that can be used to host youth events, classes, Bible studies, worship services and other activities as God directs. Pastor Kim asked for prayer seeking wisdom and guidance from God as the North Church begins serving families in Pomona.

Pastor Clarence Newton of the Great Commission Baptist Church in Topeka shared how God has been active in the beginning of their new church in Topeka. God has used disappointments and trials to move Pastor Clarence from a thriving church in Kansas City to establish a new church in Topeka. In under two years now, the Gr

eat Commission Church is reaching people with a wide variety of religious backgrounds.

Basic discipleship teaching is critical right now for those who are attracted to the ministry of Great a Commission Church. Besides understanding true biblical teachings the church is challenged with a need for an adequate and permanent meeting place.

Pastor Clarence Newton and the congregation asks for prayer as they seek to ground new believers in biblical truths and patience in discovering where God would have the ministry finally locate – a permanent building site.

Mike Inman is church planter and Pastor of VineLife which is at “ground zero” in becoming a church in Meriden, Kansas. For a number of years Mike and his family pastored in a Topeka church,  driving 35 minutes in to town each day. Mike shared that over the past year God has invited him to minister and serve the people and families that live where he and his family live.

He is convinced God’s plan is for him to be an authentic “neighbor” to his actual neighbors. The relationships already established by his family in the Jefferson County community is the beginning point of being church and serving people in Meriden.

God has affirmed Mike by introducing him to a gentleman who claims to be atheist or at least agnostic in his understanding of God. Through Mike’s faithfulness and obedience, this new “neighbor” has become an inquirer. This neighbor spent Thanksgiving day with Mike and family. When Mike was introduced to his new neighbor’s brother and his friend, Mike knew God is doing something special. Mike asked for prayer in building a strong cohesive core group and sensitivity to being a true neighbor.

The Huddle leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Haskell Indian Nations University, John Morris was the last ministry leader to speak. Growing up in a missionary home and being Native American himself, John has a drive and passion for his people to know the truth about Jesus. Because of his athletic involvement at Haskell as a student and coach, John is in the thick of student life on the campus. The location of the Indian Ave Church buildings makes access to students easy. Besides church services on Sundays, they provide  a number of ministries to Haskell students.

John states that the biggest hurdle to reaching Native American students with the gospel of Jesus is the historical relationship of the “white man” and Native peoples over the past two centuries. For many, someone following the “white man’s religion” is considered traitor to their heritage. Students who become followers of Jesus may be ostracized.

John Morris asked for prayer that Haskell ministries may courageously share the truth of the gospel in their setting; that those students who accept Christ may find healthy Christian fellowship and be encouraged in their new journey. He asks for prayer and support of other Haskell ministry leaders, John Gaskin and Hubert White.

The afternoon of testimonies and prayer would only be complete with a great Baptist meal. The New Life Church family treated all of those in attendance to a great supper. The spring gathering of Flint Hills churches and ministry leaders was a blessing from God. To know the many different ways God is moving in our “Judea” is encouraging and also challenging. Remember that you are not alone in ministry.

And prayer is powerful!

Richard Taylor

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  1. Rev David Hitchcock Reply

    Praise God for the power of prayer and the desire to share Jesus

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