Great Ministry Opportunity!!

God has called us to care for orphans and widows in James 1:27. Lifeline Children’s Services has responded to the call and desires to provide Christian families and local churches with the opportunity to fulfill that call. Lifeline is in Topeka to help Christian families respond to that call through adoption, orphan care ministry, and missions. Safe Families for Children (SFFC) is another way we respond to that call. SFFC is a movement of the church to provide Biblical hospitality and compassion to children and their parents when they need it most.

Here’s a story to help show how God is at work and what the possibility is for churches to care for people in their communities.

A family in Topeka faced a huge need. The mom has cancer and needs to be in the hospital for treatment. There are four children at home trying to make life work. The father is unavailable and there is minimal to no extended family support. They are in need of compassion and support. They do not want to place the children in foster care and have rights removed, the children are going through a lot and desperately need stability and support.

The church now has the opportunity to step in and become a spiritual extended family….Host Families.
Host families through SFFC can show Biblical hospitality and compassion by opening up their homes for children like these during times of need. Host families provide a safe loving home and alternative to foster care when no other option is available.

There are many other ways individuals can be a part of SFFC without hosting children in their home. Using the gifts, talents and skills God has given you to serve those in need has no limits.

Churches who feel called to begin Safe Families ministries get the privilege of including children and parents into the life of the church. The families in need hear the Gospel, see the Gospel, and begin to make positive changes.

If your church’s mission is to reach into neighborhoods in Topeka and share the love of God with those in need, SFFC would be a great opportunity for your church.

For more information, contact Lifeline Children’s Services/Safe Families for Children at 785-783-4577 and ask for Angela or Sue or email [email protected] [email protected]
Lifeline is currently Working with churches in Shawnee County. However, they hope to expand to other counties in the future. If You are interested in implementing this ministry in your county, please contact Angela or Sue.

2 thoughts on “Great Ministry Opportunity!!

  1. Richard Taylor Reply

    There are people in our churches that God has gifted and called to do this kind of service. What an impact this could have on so many families!

  2. Sue Smith Reply

    Our network of churches believes in the power of Christ through relationships and compassion to see lives changes…those who open their homes and give themselves away and those who receive love, forgiveness and hope!! It’s a WIN WIN!

    We can’t wait to see what Flint Hills churches take the initiative to provide Safe Families as a ministry option for their community.

    Thank you Richard and Debbie for your commitment and support.

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