Learning Lunch in Topeka

Family  Dispatch Church hosted the  November 7 Learning Lunch  for Flint Hills pastor’s and church staff.   Corey Schliep  was the speaker.  He is  the Executive Director for Christ First Counseling Center  in Topeka.   The topic for the day was “Dealing with Difficult People.”

Schliep  stated that the key is  “ knowing our scope of responsibility”.    Everyone has “responsibility for and control over three things: feelings, attitudes and behavior.”   People “seem difficult for a number of reasons” but it is important to “stop reacting and start responding”.  He suggested steps  to help in responding  to difficult people.  The steps  include  “examining your own feelings and attitudes toward a difficult person, evaluating why you are seeing them as being difficult and   to begin planning ahead for the best way to maintain a redemptive approach to them.”   It is also important to “clarify their position,  practice active listening,  make good eye contact and speak with them NOT at them.

Future Learning Lunches will continue to follow this topic taking a closer look dealing with difficult people redemptively.  Watch for information on the next Learning Lunch and make plans to attend.

Those in attendance received the book Church Discipline by Jonathan Leeman.


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