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PIC SpurlockFlint Hills churches want to say “welcome” to Pastor Charles Spurlock, joining the Flint Hills Association as the new pastor at the Northern Hills Baptist Church, located just north of Topeka.  As Northern Hills is a steadfast member of the Association I’m sure you’ll be meeting he and his family soon.

Charles Spurlock grew up in Lawrence, KS and the FSBC Lawrence from birth.  It was at a church revival that at age 10 he accepted Christ as Lord and Savior and was subsequently baptized on Easter Sunday, 1983.  Charles felt God’s call into vocational ministry after his junior year of high school and at Super Summer in 1989 he surrendered to that calling.  Following his graduation from KU, he attended Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City. Charles finished with a master’s degree in Christian Education and an emphasis in youth ministry.
Charles and his wife Lisa have been married for almost 13 years. They met while attending FSBC and attended KU together, but then were apart for four years before getting back together leading to their marriage in June 2002. Charles and Lisa have a daughter, Leah (10) and a son, Drake (7). Charles’ parents, Bob and Sandra Drake, still live in Lawrence and attend FSBC Lawrence. Lisa’s parents, Fred and Maxine Ihrig, live in Derby, KS and attend Cedar Pointe Baptist Church in Wichita.

Charles began his ministry as a youth minister at FBC Blountstown, Florida and served there for three years. He later moved to FBC Carthage, Missouri where he had been serving as youth minister for the past nine years. Over the past two years, he felt God leading and calling to the pastorate. Charles shares, “ I did my best to avoid the leading because of my family’s love and deep affection for their job and school in Carthage. But I distinctly heard God tell me, ‘Do you think I won’t take care of them?’ This led our family to where we are today and we are thankful to be in Topeka and serving at Northern Hills Baptist Church.” This decision will require a lot of adjustments:  For one thing, Lisa and the children will stay in Carthage to finish the current school year.

We’re excited to have Charles and his family joining us in Flint Hills.

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  1. Stephen Crumpler Reply

    We at Northern Hills are the ones that are being blessed. Though we are sad to not have Brian Holt with us we are very excited to see what God has in store for us and to have someone so energized to lead us. I can’t speak for everyone but the smiles on the faces of the members leads me to believe that what I have said is true. I can’t wait to see what roads God will lead us down in the coming years and I pray that we are wise enough to follow. Please pray that God will assist in the sale and finding of the Spurlocks home. Yea Jesus!!

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