November Learning Lunch Brings a Challenge

On a warm Thursday afternoon (remember those days?) 25 pastors and ministry leaders met together in Lawrence to discuss the priority of evangelism in our churches. CrossPoint Pastor and KNCSB President, Andy Addis presented a powerful case for evangelism being our highest priority. Referring to the Great Commission, Andy stated that evangelism is THE mission of the church. The pastors and leaders heard practical ways to create an atmosphere where sharing the gospel is a natural and anticipated behavior of church members. Discussion involved how a pastor models evangelism and how leaders can recognize and honor those who share their faith. It was clear to all that just preaching about evangelism will not cut it!  As another point, how a church spends its resources – manpower, time, and money – is a barometer of how a church values evangelism.
2014 11 Learning Lunch2Andy Addis referred to a statement he made at the KNCSB annual meeting regarding the significant decrease in baptisms in our churches. At the meeting Thursday Flint Hills pastors were challenged to make evangelism a priority. He asked pastors to lead their churches to set baptism goals for 2015. If a church did not baptize anyone; set a goal to baptize one person this next year. Pastors were asked to consider a “Wildly Important Goal” of doubling the number of baptisms they had in 2014.
2014 11 Learning Lunch3With the understanding that it is the Holy Spirit that draws people to Christ, our challenge is to equip the people so that they can be used by the Holy Spirit. We can create the type of environment where God can use our church for His Glory.


ATTENTION Pastors and Ministry Leaders! our next Learning Lunch is scheduled for December 11. This lunch will feature discussion on the timely topic of Personal Finances for ministers.  Stay tuned for further details.

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