LOGO SBCDisasterReliefWhat is this about?

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) is a Christ-centered partnership of national, state, and associational ministries serving through the local church to bring help, hope and healing to individuals affected by disasters. SBDR began in Texas in 1967 and has grown to be one of the largest and most respected disaster relief organizations around the world.

What do These Disaster Relief (DR) Workers Do?

Generally speaking, Disaster Relief (DR) refers to the services provided to individuals and communities that have experienced losses due to floods, tornados, earthquakes, riots, or any other disruption of community infrastructure.  In most cases when communities are hit by disaster, the survivors face an overwhelming challenge in clean-up, recovery, and restoration.  These are our friends, neighbors, and family and they need our help.

Specifically the Southern Baptist DR Teams focus on providing:

  • debris removal (ashes, dust, damaged structure)
  • sanitation (like shower and laundry areas)
  • preparing and serving food.
  • Further, as the work progresses some survivors, and perhaps the other responders, may benefit from the support available from a specially trained Disaster Relief Chaplain.

Once I Have my Certification How Often Do I Have to Serve?

When a catastrophe occurs, whichever agency is acting as the First Responder (like the Red Cross) will contact KNCSB, identifying the nature of the event and the kinds of workers that are required.  KNCSB will, in turn, contact all current certified workers in the area and ask if they are able to respond to this request.  You are in full control of how much support you can give to the DR effort.

How Do I Get Involved?

To serve you must first complete required training and the Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists (KNCSB) is in the process of setting up a network of trainers and training events.  In the meantime, KNCSB has advised us that credit will be given for equivalent courses offered by our neighboring state-wide Southern Baptist Conventions.  When you present evidence of your training you’ll receive certification from the KNCSB and will be added to a database of available workers.  Check out the links below for training through these conventions:

Missouri Baptist Association DR Training

Okahoma Convention of Baptists DR Training

Colorado Convention of Baptists DR Training