What is this about?

How about this – a Foreign Missions trip you can drive to!  A way to help introduce your youth and young adults to missions, help them make a difference outside the borders of Kansas and let them develop a personal stake in sharing the Love of God with others.

The Process:

PIC SaskatchHiLiteNorthern Lights Association is made up of the Baptist church in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Our association has established a partnering relationship with these churches. Pastors and leaders from Kansas have participated and led in events in Saskatchewan as pastors and leaders from there have been involved with our churches in Kansas. Each year we have organized a mission trip to Saskatchewan. People from any of the Flint Hills churches are welcome to go along with us. Even better, we will be glad to help your church plan their own trip to work alongside a Northern Lights church.

So the first thing you’ll want to do is look through the kinds of things we get into and envision members of your congregation serving this way.  Then contact Rich Taylor at (785) 633-3175 or by email for additional information about our next mission trip.

Next you’ll want to start talking up this opportunity within your church.  Find a couple key members, then work like an infection to spread the fever.  No – that doesn’t sound right – but you get the idea.

If you wish to set up your own trip to Canada contact me and you’ll be introduced to the Opportunity Contact in Saskatchewan.  The Contact will work directly with you to give you additional info and answer other questions.  They’ll also help make any arrangements you and your team will need.  It’s just that easy.
One last thing – we’ve also put together a pamphlet to give your team (and their parents!) a little info about Saskatchewan – their new mission field.
Right click on the info link, then choose “Save As” to grab a copy: Primer for Kansans Heading to Saskatchewan!