Report from October Lunch and Learn

More than a dozen pastors and church leaders turned out to hear our own Bob Mills (Executive Director of the KNCSB) lead a discussion about how Christian leaders should manage their staff: both paid and volunteer!

Bob recognized that in some cases we may not even be doing an adequate job in the oversight part of our management. More importantly, Christian managers should realize that the “boss and worker” roles provides a much-too-often-overlooked discipling opportunity.

2015 10 LandL - PastorsIn his presentation he outlined documents necessary to successfully manage workers beyond a well-written job description which identifies the tasks required by the responsibility. That’s all you may need in a secular world, where performance is all that is required, but as Christians we are concerned about the personal growth of the people in our church. For this reason Bob also presented the idea of developing a covenant with each worker to identify targets for improving their job effectiveness as well as their spiritual walk with the Lord. He also briefly discussed how different management and leadership styles should be used from worker to worker, based on their maturity in the job and in their discipleship.

With all this information, it’s no wonder we went over the time allotted, but there’s good news here – Especially for those who were unable to make it to this Lunch and Learn event.  The information that Bob presented was a “taster” of a 2-day seminar that he’s prepared on this topic.  He offered this seminar to any church or group of churches that were interested in truly empowering their ministry staff, all you have to do is invite him.  Thanks, Bob!

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