Saskatchewan visits the Flint Hills Association

We Can All Get Along

Have you heard it said, “There are many ways to skin a cat”.  Surveying our political landscape in Canada it seems the closer we get to the election the fiercer the competition between the parties, and differences are exaggerated.  But when the election is over we will all be together in the same country and have to work together for the public good.

My wife Laura and I recently had the opportunity to go down to Kansas and visit a wide variety of church in the Flint Hills Baptist Association.  Flint Hills is comprised of about 50 Baptist churches in one part of Kansas.  We saw down there how God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.  Let me give some examples.  First we visited a First Baptist Church in a small town that was an average sized church, but the music was rather unusual.  They had a brass band! They mixed traditional and contemporary music in a very lively manner.  Then we visited a truck stop church at a major intersection of highways.  The church itself was about the size of a large garden shed.  They held services on Sundays with the 3 or 4 truckers or bikers who might be there that day.  They also gave out free Bibles and CD’s for the truckers to take on the road.  They had a map of North America on the wall covered with hundreds of pins representing the places the visitors came from.  There is now one pin from Moose Jaw!  Someone donated some old hymn-books which they used.  Then we visited a large church with multiple staff on hand, we saw 3 pastors and a secretary when we were there.  They ran 2 services each Sundays, one traditional and one contemporary both services enjoyed plush thickly cushioned chairs.  The pastor wished he could have baseball stats running on one of the projectors.  (Go Royals, Blue Jays!) Going from there we bumped into a church planter at a coffee shop who was eager to try the newest ideas to plant a church, but before we made it to the car we bumped into a ex army vet, ex drug addict, who was running a ministry to drug addicts out of his pickup truck.  He only used the King James Bible.  After a short drive we then met a middle-aged couple who led a church in the basement of a rented building.  They loved contemporary 1980’s Christian choruses.  They were using all the best modern technology they could get their hands on, and coffee.  One day they had a potluck at the church and they liked settin’ around the round tables so much they kept having church in that arrangement, finally, a sensible place to put your Bible and cup of coffee!  They ran free groceries during the week to those who needed it most, and had a thriving children’s ministry.  They saw Sunday as a time to Celebrate what God had done during the week.

The people we met were vastly different and approached ministry in very different ways.  They were all part of the same Flint Hills Baptist Association.  I would like to think that they were all each other’s greatest supporters because that is how I feel about them ALL.  I have been there and back again and that is the tale I have to tell.  The quotation that some attribute to Saint Augustine comes to mind,“In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.”

Pastor Bob Butt
Calvary Baptist Church
Moose Jaw 60 Hochelaga St. W. 306-692-9369

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  1. Richard Taylor Reply

    Kind words from Canadian friends!
    May we live up to their estimations.
    Ephesians 2:19-22

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