Saskatchewans Serving Kansas

On one of the busiest holidays of the church calendar, a group of Canadian missionaries ventured to the prairies of Lawrence, Kansas. Their mission was to show the love of Jesus to the staff, student and faculty at Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU). Partnering with Indian Avenue Baptist Church, these missionaries assisted HINU’s facilities team with landscaping and general maintenance. Due to a backlog of hiring paperwork, HINU’s facilities crew had been unable to hire more grounds workers, but because of the helping hand of these Saskatchewan volunteers, their need was lessened.

The Canadian team was not only able to help at HINU, but also helped with much needed work at Indian Avenue Baptist Church. The team repaired a fence in the student prayer garden and assisted with much needed repairs to the church maintenance shed. 

The team’s love for the Haskell community was evident to one employee who referred to them as a, “Godsend.” The team’s repeated visits has built a relationship of trust and commitment that will continue open doors and hearts to hear the gospel message at Haskell.

Richard Taylor

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