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Whatever it Takes to Use Your Gift Pastor Doug Ebert same
Explore the difference between “talents” (what I’m comfortable doing) vs “gifts” (my calling) and how God uses both to develop a love for others.  Should also present a couple ideas for finding your (today) gift and putting it into practice.  This should be applicable for all ages.
Whatever it Takes to Lead as a Servant Pastor Doug Ebert same
Our culture tells us we rule like a sovereign – each in his own little kingdom:  but the Bible turns that around!  We have authority, yes, but we also have responsibility and accountability.  More to the point Jesus said, “He who is least is the greatest of all.”  Share ideas about how to lead as a servant in your work place (including school), community, church, and family.  This should be applicable for all ages.
Whatever it Takes to Be a Disciple Pastor Doug Ebert same
There’s a big difference between a student, who accumulates knowledge, and a disciple/apprentice. who puts things into daily life.  The most important resources required to be effective are other disciples:  Everyone needs a Paul (mentor) and a Barnabas (an encourager).  And everyone should also have a Timothy (someone you support)! This should be applicable for all ages.
Tai Chi as a Low-Impact Exercise* Doug Ebert same
There are a lot of benefits from practicing the physical movements of Tai Chi. For one thing it’s a good low-impact exercise equivalent to a brisk walk. Secondly, practicing Tai Chi has been shown to improve balance and muscle tone and even help to lower blood pressure! In this brief introduction you will learn a little about the background of Tai Chi, the first movements of the Short Form from the Yang Style of Tai Chi, and ways to continue learning.*Over the past couple hundred years a separate philosophy has emerged alongside Tai Chi exercises folding in Eastern ideas about some “internal energy” that resides within each of us. The title of this Activity is meant to emphasize that we are approaching this as exercise and not something mystical.

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