The Fruits of Your Participation in our Association

In this season of thanksgiving I want to express to you my appreciation for our partnership. The churches of the Flint Hills Association are making a Kingdom difference in this small corner of the world. This small corner is our “Judea” as you preach the Acts 1:8 mission given to the church.

Your church’s support of the ministries and other churches in our association is vital to our task. Many of our church members are not aware of all that is done through our church partnership.

To help you communicate the value of these ministries and the importance of our partnership we have begun a big project to get the word out and cast the vision of local partnership. Hopefully, over this next year we can provide you with fifteen 3 minute videos; mission moments that will educate and encourage the church to partnering with us in reaching our Judea for Christ.

Here’s the first of them…highlighting the ministry we support on the Washburn University campus. Feel free to share this with your congregation. We are producing others and will get them distributed over this next year.

You can also get to this video by copying and pasting its web address into your browser:
Thanks for your partnership!

Richard Taylor

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